Basic Information about a Sailing Trip and Its Offers

Some of your friends have been talking about spending their summer on a yacht and they are suggesting that you do the same. However, you are not sure whether you should take their advice or not, as you have little idea on what to expect from the trip. To top it off, you have many questions bouncing in your head. “What exactly does a sailing holiday entail”? “How does it go about”? “What are the range of facilities and services”? “Which liner should you book”?


Instead of skipping on it and planning another trip because you are not sure what cruises offer exactly, have a look at the following details.


Generally, it is a type of prepaid package holiday, which consists of almost all travel components such as transport, accommodation, sightseeing, touring, and other activities.

Hmm, amazing, is it not? But this is not all.


It includes basic provisions such as cosy suites, delightful entertainment, delicious food and beverage, and basic toiletries. On the other hand, you can obtain additional offers such as spa services, excursions, and other gratuities, which typically vary in most shipping companies or vessel sizes. Given this, you should be on the lookout for terms like “optional” or “depending on availability” because it may indicate that certain features are not available.


Another important thing that you have to know is that there are over seventy liners and around three hundred fifty ships offering cruise holidays. These transports usually range from small and simple vessels to large luxury boats. With that said, it may be difficult to pick a ship that guarantees you the most memorable experience.


In this case, you can decide basing on the following aspects:


  • Companions – If you are travelling with your entire family, you might want to consider a large resort liner, which typically provides a hassle-free and secure atmosphere. What is more, there are plenty of activities and treats in store, specifically for your children, as well as trained staff to watch over them.


If you are with friends or with your special someone, you can book a sailing yacht, which generally offers amenities and activities for adults.


  • Overseas or local trip – If you wish to explore the world, then the former is a good option. But if you want to start with a smaller trip, you can simply go for the latter.

So, what do you think? Does the idea of sailing the seas seem like a good way to enjoy your break? Then, choose from a wide range of cruises right away. Once you experience such a trip, you can place this next to ‘exploring the castles of Scotland’ on your list of amazing adventures.

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Good Study Tips – How To Help Children Study

The good study tips for teaching young children need not be extensive or written in stone. Most children are naturally inquisitive and the focus should be upon making learning on the fun side.

If you decide to have a special “study area” for a young child, try to surround it by things they have a natural interest in, as well as the subjects you will be giving lessons on. This may sound like a “distraction,” but it’s actually one of the best good study tips for youngsters. At that age it’s important to let children know their favorite items are close by.

As you begin the transition from fun learning to more serious study, you can overcome much resistance by stating that the time studying will be followed by an activity they really enjoy. You can even ask them what they’d like to do as soon as the study session is over. It builds in the assumption that the session will happen for sure, and at the same time lets them look forward to the next fun activity.


Do Kids Need Study Breaks?


Depending on the child and the subject, you can decide if a break is needed simply by noting if the willingness and enthusiasm for cooperating dwindles or remains strong enough to complete a 30 minute session. Don’t be afraid to take a ten or fifteen minute break. Just be sure and set it up with a timer, and get an explicit agreement that the study session will be completed right after the break is over. Doing this at a young age will help the child get the benefits of being flexible enough to take breaks, and responsible enough to go back to finish.


Exceptional and Special Needs Children


When children are younger it is an ideal time to watch how they learn, what comes easy to them, and if they struggle with any subjects. Most children can thrive in a normal school environment. If your child processes information at a much faster pace, you may want to consider an individualized curriculum them. One of the best ways to gauge this is a language proficiency assessment test. You may also be able to tell just from being around a young student if they excel that area.  If a child shows exceptional abilities at a young age, you can help them by providing an accelerated, individualized curriculum so they can keep learning at their natural pace.

Special needs children may be challenged, but given extra attention in the form of reading, creative writing, and problem solving, they may more progress than most people would think possible. Remember too that all children mature at their pace – not the pace we think is best!


Helping Children Listening Skills


When children are just beginning their journey in studies, it is an important time to check their hearing and build listening skills. If you’ve made it a point to gather as many good study tips as possible and your child doesn’t seem to respond in a positive way, try these techniques:

  • Speak to the child only after you make eye contact. If they are engaged in an activity you have to interrupt to begin studying, spend a few moments joining in the current activity before you make the transition. Then, with eye contact, tell them about the next activity.
  • Ask them to briefly repeat the instructions or concept you just gave them. Make it a two way street. They also thrive when we repeat back to them what they have just said! Children of all ages like to know they are listened to…
  • Include as many good study tips as you can- sprinkled in with the lessons themselves. Young children love light hearted reminders rather than threats or punishment.
  • Give the child regular hearing tests, especially if they seem to miss noises that other people respond to.


How To Help Children Learn


Make it a habit to learn about learning and how to learn! The good study tips you share with them now may well help them throughout their life. Make it a point to visit the library, and network with other parents to expand your horizons. If you are like many people, being around children is a great way to both enjoy their journey, and to revisit some of the best moments of your own childhood.

Easy and Smart Ways to Save on Airfare

From Scotland to Greece, you have basically seen most of the loveliest places in Europe. You are far braver to conquer father destinations now. So, how about giving the land down under a visit on your next getaway?


Australia boasts a lot of amazing attractions. It also offers you a lot of great things to do from summer to winter. Mountain climbing, surfing, diving, trekking, fishing, canoeing, kayaking, and more – you will never run out of things to do. So, get yourself and your budget ready now, for an adventure-filled holiday.


And if money is an issue, do not worry because there are many things you can do to cut your cost, especially on your airfare. Here are search tips that will surely help you find cheap flights to Sydney or any other destination.


Recently, these companies are offering “private sales” that are exclusively accessible through their own portal, and rarely in third-party sites. So, check their pages individually.


  • Do not assume that online travel agencies have the same fare

No, they don’t. Expedia, Sidestep Travelocity, and Orbitz have different offers. One of them can have a ticket several pounds lesser than the other. As a matter of fact, Travelocity was selling seats to London on Virgin for 400-470 pounds round-trip, taxes included, from east and west coast cities, even for peak summer travel. These fares were not available in Orbitz or Expedia, or any other agencies for that matter.


  • Be more flexible

If you are not tight on schedule and you can fly anytime you want, you can save a lot of money by being flexible with your travel dates. This is especially true if the agency you use search for flights several months ahead

  • Check for prices several times a day

The reason? Airlines can be very unpredictable, and they can change rate any time. So, do not listen to people who claim to know where airfares are headed. Instead, trust your own instinct and search your chosen airline’s portal regularly for any fare update.

You can always save on air tickets wherever you intend to go if you know how and where to search.


Managing Business Matters While Touring Scottish Castles


When you need to juggle your business and your recreational pursuits, such as visiting fascinating Scottish Castles around the UK, with the family in tow, you need to be able to multi-task using sophisticated gadgets that are constantly wired to the Internet. You should also be careful to balance your professional tasks with the personal ones so as not to make your loved ones feel as if they are competing for your time and attention, even when you are physically away from your clients.

To make things more manageable for you on your vacation, without sacrificing the success of your private venture, you should get a virtual office york and let a professional receptionist handle your calls on your behalf. An assistant will be on hand 24/7 to handle your correspondence. Thus, you have less to worry about when you are trudging along with your family as you explore the inner sanctum of ancient castles. You can concentrate on appreciating the sights and lessen the tendency to dwell over business matters.

If you must attend to some important things related to your work, set aside a specific time for that. Deal with the issues that are urgent and those that have a significant impact on your commercial venture. You can take care of the lesser matters later.

Whatever you do, avoid telling or making it obvious to your companions that you are attending to work-related tasks. This will rob them of the holiday mood they are in.

To ensure that you have a more smooth-sailing vacation, despite the occasional interruptions due to business, you should tie up loose ends and inform clients and suppliers of the times or days you are unavailable before departing for your Scottish castle tour.


Star Wars: The Clone Wars Review 2

When I exited the theater, I tried to relax my eyes by staring at a wall to make the designs move (which, by the way, was way more interesting).  First off, the makers (conspirators of the proverbial devil, though even Satan himself would probably not want his name attached to this travesty either) did not take our beloved characters and make them into cartoons.  No, they took regular cartoon characters and put Star Wars names to them.  If they’re not going to keep the same characters, why use pre-existing characters at all?

Yeah, my head is shaking along with yours.  Anakin gets a female apprentice (without ever becoming a Jedi master…once again, I don’t get it either) who ends up being, quite simply, the most annoying character in Star Wars history.  Combine Jar Jar Binks, C-3PO at his whiniest and Salacious Crumb and multiply by ten, and you’ll get the picture.  I never thought a cartoon character could rile up my hatred to its most penetrating boil, but it happened.  The animation was straight out of 1981, the battle scenes we saw were nothing special, and no one explained why Jabba the Hutt (a MOB boss, if you remember) would turn to law enforcement (re: the Jedi) for help, when he’s doing a bunch of illegal acts.  And why would the Jedi help him anyway?  Aargh, it’s more infuriating than, well, the last Star Wars movie.

So, if you want to sit through this nonsense and pretend there’s a good story, and that all is still hunky-dory with the Star Wars universe, go ahead.  You have been warned.  For myself, I’d rather watch the walls move (oh, wait, that’s what I did…)

0 / 5 stars (and that is a TLMR first)

Soooo that is it. These are my thoughts. Do you agree? What do you think? What was you reaction? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Review

It is now official.  I am no longer a Star Wars fan.  I’ll be honest with you: I wanted to leave this movie 15 minutes in. It was horrible.  I loved Star Wars.  I grew up collecting the little figures, hell, I even had Return of the Jedi bed-sheets when I was younger (and yes, I have grown out of them by now).  I was one of those idiots who waited in line for 6 days to see (expletive) Jar Jar Binks not get killed.  I saw The Phantom Menace six times, trying to convince myself that I liked it.  Which I didn’t.

And therein lies the problem: I have spent the last nine years trying to convince myself I don’t hate the series I fell in love with as a kid.  The problem is, all the new Star Wars movies pretty much suck.  We all talk around them like they exist in a vacuum away from the original three flicks, the way that Republicans talk around Bush’s real motives for starting a war (ahem, money).  We try to kid ourselves and find parts of the new films that we like, convincing ourselves and our friends that they are good movies and add some sort of depth that wasn’t there before.  But, alas, all fairy tales must end and I, once again, am left to be the one to finally scream out that the Emperor is not wearing any clothes.  In fact, not only is he not wearing clothes, but his body is deformed into an ugly specimen that not even Gollum would find precious.  I could write an essay on the first three movies and how they are premonitions of the Rapture as predicted in Nostradamus’ prophecies, but that would digress farther than I want to.

Please continue reading this review in the next post, it will not take long! See you there 🙂


Traitor Review

It’s very difficult to critique a film like Traitor merely as a piece of entertainment.  Given that it deals with terrorism, it’s almost impossible to talk about without letting one’s own personal political or religious views, and especially one’s prejudices, shine through.

Mention the word “Muslim”, and, I’m sure you’ll agree, many of those same people get exactly the same picture.  Which is, of course, completely unfounded and unfair.  

Imagine, therefore, what it must be like to be a deeply religious, conscientious man who must pretend to be a terrorist, in order to complete a mission where the end result is that he would be regarded as a betrayer of his own kind.  Such is the quandary for Samir Horn, played with near letter-perfect precision by the incredibly talented Don Cheadle.

We meet Samir for the first time as a boy, learning the ways of Islam in the Sudan with his father, right before his father is tragically killed in a car bomb.  Fast-forward to the present, where Samir is imprisoned in Yemen.  As it turns out, Samir is actually a top-secret double agent working for the FBI – so secret, in fact, that only his FBI contact (Jeff Daniels) knows his identity.  Hot on his heels is FBI agent Roy Clayton (played wonderfully by Guy Pearce, making his return to big-budget films after a long absence).

It takes an actor of Cheadle’s caliber to truly make the audience feel his plight, living a terrible lie while being an integral part of some truly terrible things, but he pulls it off magnificently.  Despite his American accent, I never doubted his character’s, well, character for a moment; deeply devout, driven by duty and torn to emotional shreds by how far he must go.

If you go into Traitor expecting the adrenaline rush of the Bourne films or the coolness of James Bond, you will be disappointed.  And speaking of disappointed, that is how I would characterize how I felt after seeing many of the recent films centering on the Middle East (Rendition, Lions for Lambs, Stop Loss).  Many of these films, additionally, are box-office disappointments, partly because their “message” hits a little too close to home for some people, but also because they deliver that message with ham-fisted clumsiness.

Traitor, on the other hand, delivers its message with almost subliminal subtlety, while still giving us a taut, tense, dramatic, entertaining film.  Actually, it gives us two messages:  the first is that many agents of terror simply do not fit the stereotypical Bin Laden image that many of us have; they look completely normal, like any one of our neighbors, co-workers or friends might look.  And before you think that this message is offered in order to make us even more paranoid and fearful than we already are, let me assure you that the film’s second message, which is delivered with even more clarity, is that most extremists are fueled by a sense of duty, a belief that they are on the side of right. Resulting to violence is a line that only a minute fraction of Muslims cross… a fact that we would all do well to remember.

This is an exceptional piece of filmmaking.   Not easy to see, to be sure, but well-acted and well-shot, and it will have you thinking deep thoughts as you leave the theater.  Which is as it should be.

4 / 5 stars